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-LESSON 9: Mark 7

by Dr. D ~

Mark 7-  Things you don’t see everyday:

Vs. 29-30  -Jesus cast out a demon from a girl at a distance.

Vs. 34-35  -Deaf & mute man is healed by Jesus.

Vs. 1-23:  Jesus vs. Pharisees & Their Traditions

Groups of Pharisees & Rabbis were sent by the religious leaders in Jerusalem to investigate the ministry of Jesus, who had become quite famous.  An earlier group had claimed that Jesus was possessed & casting out demons by the prince of demons (3:22).  This group in chapter 7, was critical of the disciples for not washing before they ate.  This did not really violate the scriptural Law, but did transgress the ritual & oral ‘traditions’ of the elders about fulfilling the Law.  It is obvious that they were intent upon finding some offence or charge against Jesus & his disciples.

Vs. 6-8 -Jesus quotes Isaiah 29:13 and applies it to his critics & concludes that they have abandoned the commands of God for the mere ‘traditions of men’.

Vs. 9-13 -The crowd was probably somewhat perplexed.  Jesus responds with an example here, demonstrating how some of the ‘traditions of the Elders’ actually violate the real intent of God’s Law.  I would not be surprised if one of the more pious critics present, had not actually done the very thing that Jesus is talking about.

Vs. 14-23 -There are all sorts of regulations in the Mosaic Law about things which make one ‘unclean’, for example-touching dead animals.  Jesus seems to be running counter to those biblical teaching, however, Jesus is teaching that the inward ‘spiritual’ condition of a person is more important than some external form or rule.  What comes out of a person is determined by ones heart or ones ‘spiritual’ attitude.  Evil begins ‘inside’ ones thoughts–this is what makes one really ‘unclean’ according to Jesus.  The disciples needed Jesus to explain it to them since they were probably shocked by his teaching which seemed to contradict prevailing religious thought & practice.   (Note: Vs. 16 is not included in most modern translations, because the earliest manuscripts do not have it. Most scholars believe that it was a scribal error or addition.)

Vs. 24-30:  The Faith of a Gentile Woman

Vs. 24-26 -Jesus goes to Tyre for some needed down time.  Soon the people find out that he is there, and a Gentile lady shows up & begs for him to cast a demon out of her daughter.

Vs. 27 -Jesus is intent on ministering to Israel or related people.  The response of the woman shows that she has faith, and is rewarded with the healing of her daughter at distance.

Vs. 31-37:  The Healing of the Deaf/Mute Man

Vs. 33- It is interesting that Jesus take the man away from the crowd and privately ministers to him.  Many have tried to mimic the methods that Jesus uses in healing.  Here, Jesus puts his fingers into the guy’s ear, and spits and touches the man’s tongue.  Quite a scene.  An interesting technique, but if you take the time to catalog all of the actions of Jesus when he is healing, it is interesting to note that he seems to do something somewhat different every time.

Vs. 36-37 -Jesus continually tries to keep many of his miracles & healings secret, but the people cannot help but talk about what he has done, and his fame continues to spread.  Note: The ministry of Jesus is deemed to be amazing & very ‘good’ by all who observed him, just as creation was observed to be ‘good’ by the Creator (Gen.1:4).

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