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by Dr. D ~

Mark 6- Things you don’t see everyday:

     Vs.5-  Healed a few sick in Nazareth.

     Vs.7-  Gave Twelve authority over evil spirits.

     Vs.13-  They drove out demons & healed many sick.

     Vs.37-44-  Jesus feeds 5,000 men, plus women & children.

     Vs.48- Jesus walking on the water.

     Vs.51- Wind immediately dies down.

     Vs.56- All who even touch Jesus are healed.

Vs.1-6:  Back to Nazareth

     Jesus teaches in his hometown synagogue, the people are amazed by his wisdom & his renown as a healer, and yet they were offended.  You could just imagine what they might have been saying on that occasion: “Who does this guy thing he is anyway, isn’t he just ‘the carpenter’ we always knew?  Now he thinks that he is some kind of ‘prophet’ or Rabbi.  We saw him grow up, he didn’t go to Temple school or nothing.  After all; his mother, brothers & sisters are all just regular folks like us– and besides, they all think that he’s crazy!”

     Jesus probably would have liked to help some of the people he knew growing up, but they did not ‘honor’ him or have any faith in his ministry.  He was only able to heal a few sick–what a disappointment for him, to be rejected by those he was close to and respected in his formative years.

Vs.7-13:  Jesus Sends The Twelve On A Training Mission

     Vs.7-  a.  Sent them out in two’s- at least with one companion they could support one      another.

               b.  Gave them authority over evil spirits- Part of the mission was to do the same works that they had watched Jesus do.  Cast out demons & heal the sick.

     Vs. 8-11-  Jesus was training his disciples here to rely on God. I have heard some well meaning Christians propose that this should be the norm–missionaries stepping out without any clear planning or support. I believe that Jesus is just giving his Apostles some needed experience & training here, by doing.  Later, at Gethsemane, he tells them to prepare & take all they have at their disposal, coats, money, swords & etc. (Luke 22:36).

     Vs. 12-13 – Results:  They preached repentance, drove out demons, & healed many.

Vs.14-29:  John The Baptist Beheaded

     Vs. 14-16  Who is This Jesus? –A Prophet, Elijah, or John The Baptist?  Notice that ‘King’ Herod believed that Jesus must be ‘John’ back from the dead–then vs. 17-28, tells the story of the beheading of John The Baptist.

     Vs. 17-28  Notice how weak Herod actually was.  First he unwisely promises the girl ‘up to half my kingdom’.  Then he doesn’t back away from his promise, even though he really doesn’t want to kill John.  He is more concerned about what his guests might think.

     Vs.29 – The disciples of John The Baptist bury him in a tomb.

Vs. 30-44:  Feeding of The 5,000 Plus

     Vs. 30-32  The disciples are reporting to Jesus about their missionary trip but they keep being disturbed by folk coming and going & they never get a chance to eat or complete their conversations.  Jesus suggests they go to a quiet place & rest.

     Vs. 33-34  A crowd is waiting for them at the next location.  Jesus has compassion for them and teaches them.

     Vs. 35-37  It is late in the day when Jesus finishes his teaching, and everyone is hungry.  The disciples suggest that Jesus send the people away in order to get food.  Jesus tells them to feed the people.  The disciples are shocked–after all, no one has the kind of money it would take to feed this crowd.

     Vs. 38-40  Jesus puts the disciples to work, first to find what is actually available (5 Loaves & 2 fishes), next to divide up the people into groups and have them sit down.  ‘Groups of 100’s & 50’s’–like the divisions in the camp following Moses in the desert (Ex 18:21).

     Vs. 41  Jesus gave thanks to God & then divides the loaves & fishes among the twelve disciples.  It was the disciples that actually distributed the food, having a major part in the miracle.

     Vs.42-44  Results:  1. Everyone ate until they were full.  2.  There were twelve baskets full of leftovers.  3.  There were 5,000 men in the crowd, this doesn’t count the thousands of women & children that were presumably there.

Vs. 45-52  Jesus Walks On the Water

     Vs. 45-46:   1.  Jesus sends the disciples to Bethsaida by boat.  2.  He dismisses the crowd.  3.  He then goes up into the mountainside to pray by himself.  After a huge miracle, Jesus seeks to get recharged spiritually.  Many today, would choose to stay with the guys and celebrate after a successful ministry time. Wisdom & humility is demonstrated by Jesus here.

      Vs. 47-52  Jesus is walking on the lake, while the disciples are struggling to make headway in the boat. the wind is blowing and slowing their progress. They see him, but they don’t believe their own eyes.  Neither did they really accept the miracle they were actually party to–the feeding of thousands.  Even after all they’ve seen & participated in, the disciples still had so very little faith.  Jesus tells them to have courage and not to be afraid.  He gets into the boat, and immediately the wind stops & it is clear sailing ahead. Again, they are amazed.  What an incredible day!

Vs. 53-56  Those Even Touching The Clothes of Jesus Are Healed

     Vs. 53-54  They ended up Gennesaret.  Again the crowd recognize Jesus.

     Vs. 55-56  The sick are brought to him as they travel throughout the region.  Notice, all who even touched the edge of his cloak were healed.  They must of heard about the woman who was healed by touching his cloak.  The level of faith among the people, was raised to such a level that many were healed, by merely getting close to Jesus and touching him.

Read: Mark 7 for the next lesson.

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