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by Dr. D ~

Lesson 1- Introduction to Mark

The Gospel of mark is considered to be the earliest of the four gospels, written between 50-60 AD.

While there is no internal reference to the author, early Christian writers, like Papias (140 AD) have named John Mark as the writer. John Mark is the same man who traveled briefly with Paul & Barnabas, and caused a parting of their ways. Later, Paul would write approving of Mark.

John Mark later became an associate of the Apostle Peter, and traveled extensively with him. It was during this time that the gospel was written, probably in Rome. Some refer to this gospel as really being ‘Peter’s Gospel’, because Peter was the major source for this work.

The Gospel of Mark emphasizes the ministry and works of Jesus . While the ‘Sermon on the Lake’ contains several Parables of the Kingdom of God, there is no extensive teaching component in this Gospel. Here, Jesus demonstrates that the ‘Kingdom of God’ is near, by healing, casting out demons, controlling nature, feeding thousands, & raising people from the dead. It is the ‘action’ Gospel.

Read the entire Gospel of Mark through in one sitting if possible, or take two or three. Note along the way, all of the so-called ‘supernatural’ events that are recorded. The Gospel of Mark keys in on the deeds & ministry of Jesus Christ & his disciples. Here, we get a real flavor of what it was like to be with Him.

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