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-What Was the ‘Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil’?

Q:  What was the ‘tree of the knowledge of good and evil’ in the Garden of Eden and why weren’t Adam and Eve allowed to eat from it? A:  The Bible doesn’t really actually explain what the tree is though it does seem rather self explanatory. Once they did eat from the tree Adam and […]

-First Woman Created in Gen.1:27 or Gen.2:22?

Q:  What about the first woman. In Gen 1: 27 it states that “male and female he created them” –both of them. Yet the first woman Eve doesn’t really show up until much later in 2: 22? A:  Gen. 1 gives us the summary and the general order of creation while chapter 2 goes back […]

-Man or Animals Created First? A Contradiction Between Gen.1 & Gen.2 ?

Q:  In Genesis there seems to a contradiction. Gen 1:25 shows God creating animals first then Man, yet later in Gen.2:18 he creates Man first and then the animals. Please explain. A:  The creation process and order is summarized in Genesis one then in the second chapter the details are filled in pertaining to the […]

-Were the ‘Days’ in Genesis One 24 Hours Long?

Q:  Were the ‘Days’ in Genesis One 24 hours long? A:  The Hebrew word used for ‘day’ in Genesis one does not necessarily indicate a 24 hour unit of time. It can also mean a larger indefinite span of time. Although most of the time in the scriptures according to the context it does stand […]

-If God Made the Universe Then Who Made God?

Q:  If God made the universe then who made God? A:  Now this question would make since if God was part of time and space—but the Bible clearly teaches that God does not live in our universe physically nor is he limited by time—he is infinite and eternal. A universe with a beginning does not […]

-Did the Universe Have a Beginning or Has it Always Been There?

Q: Did the universe have a beginning or has it always been there? A: Actually there are three major possibilities for the Universe: -a. It had a beginning -b. It has always been there -c. It doesn’t really exist—only an illusion Genesis and the Bible support the first—a beginning. So does the modern science of […]