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-How Long Did Adam and Eve Live in The Garden?

by Dr. D ~

Q:  How long did Adam and Eve live in the Garden?

A:  There is no way of telling. The Bible doesn’t really give us any clues. It could have been a few days or hundreds of years—no way of knowing. However it does say that Adam got rather lonely before Eve came along so it could have been way longer than many of us think.

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-Acts: ‘Prophetess Daughters’?

by Dr. D ~

Q: I am in a quandary, my final exam on Acts in Bible Study has a question: "name the man who had seven prophetess daughters?"   HELP! I just can’t find the answer. –Paula

A: Paula, the only reference in Acts to ‘prophetess daughters’ is in Acts 21:9 and there were only 4. Phillip the Evangelist who was one of the 7 original Deacons or servants had 4 daughters.

However, some church historians later got him mixed up with Phillip the Apostle who had 3 daughters. Nevertheless, there is no reference to anyone in Acts having 7 prophetess daughters. I hope this helps.

Previous question about Phillip’s Daughters:

-The Names of Philip’s Daughters?

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-Genesis 3: Did God Create Evil?

by Dr. D ~

Q: In Genesis 3 evil comes into the world. Why did God create evil? After all if God supposedly created everything then he must have created evil also.

A: God did not create evil. He did create Satan who had been his highest angel but became evil by choice. He also created the man and the woman and gave them the freedom to choose—to make choices. It is by the choice of Adam and Eve that evil came into the world.

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-Is God Merely the Sum Total of Everything?

by Dr. D ~

Q: Isn’t God just the sum total of everyone and everything in the Universe—he or she is the creation itself?

A: That is a ‘pantheistic’ perspective of God which is what a lot of Eastern religions teach.  It is not the teaching of the Bible.

We have had this exact question before-here’s a link to our previous article and answer to this question.

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-Can Those ‘Left Behind’ Still be Saved?

by Dr. D ~

Q: When the tribulation starts, before the Antichrist has risen, the believers will be taking up to Heaven. My Question is this when those people who were believers left behind will they get a second chance to be saved in the Tribulation? This is my question. –Solomon

A: Solomon, it is still ‘day’ for those left behind. Since they are still alive it is not really a ‘second chance’ but still the first and all can be saved who have real saving faith in the Lord Jesus Christ during the tribulation period regardless of whether they ‘professed’ to believe before or not. In fact many will come to Christ during the Tribulation including millions of Jews.

The only scriptural qualifier is whether they receive the ‘mark of the beast’ or not in which case they would no longer be eligible for salvation according to Rev. 15:9-11.

All of this assumes that the Pre-Tribulation theory is correct in the first place and believers will be ‘Raptured’ before the Antichrist-the Beast of Revelation is revealed. Solomon, there are many solid Bible scholars who do not believe in the pre-millennial, pre-tribulational approach to eschatology.

Some believe that the church will be going through the tribulation, and meet Christ in the air at the end of that period, others see the church being raptured in the middle of the tribulation or just before the ‘wrath of God’ is poured out. Some do not believe in the millennium at all and take a ‘amillennial’ approach to the events in the Book of Revelation seeing them as primarily allegory and part of the church age.            *Top

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-Resurrection: “Did Jesus Really Rise from the Dead?”

by Dr. D ~

Here’s a great article for Easter: “Did Jesus Really Rise from the Dead?” by William Lane Craig, professor of philosophy at Talbot School of Theology in La Mirada, California.

image He looks at the facts concerning the resurrection of Jesus–a timely pursuit for the Easter season. This is the best and most concise article that I have found on this issue.            *Top

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