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-The First Words of Jesus in the Gospels?

Q: Can you tell me the first spoken words of Jesus in the gospels.  What version you used? Thanks Brad A: The first words of Jesus recorded in the Gospels are found in Luke 2:49. The context is Luke 2:41-52.  Jesus was 12 years old at the time and he and his family went up […]

-Did Jesus Ever Claim to be God?

Q: Did Jesus ever claim to be God? This was not a question sent to us but one I hear all of the time and the following is our response to this issue published in a recent post on our Apologetica site: A:  It has become culturally fashionable to make the claim that “Jesus never […]

-NT Writing About Jesus Came Much Later?

(A question posed on my main blog concerning the reliability of the NT record) Q:  Why the long lag between Jesus’ life and the first writings about him? A:  Long lag? I don’t think so. After all Jimmy Carter recently came out with a book about his White House years and he was President 30-34 […]

-Acts: ‘Prophetess Daughters’?

Q: I am in a quandary, my final exam on Acts in Bible Study has a question: "name the man who had seven prophetess daughters?"   HELP! I just can’t find the answer. –Paula A: Paula, the only reference in Acts to ‘prophetess daughters’ is in Acts 21:9 and there were only 4. Phillip the Evangelist […]

-Can Those ‘Left Behind’ Still be Saved?

Q: When the tribulation starts, before the Antichrist has risen, the believers will be taking up to Heaven. My Question is this when those people who were believers left behind will they get a second chance to be saved in the Tribulation? This is my question. –Solomon A: Solomon, it is still ‘day’ for those […]

-The Discovery of Apostle Paul’s Bones?

Q; I recently read somewhere that the bones of Paul the Apostle were found? Is that true, where? A: There was a recent claim that ‘bone fragments’ of the Apostle Paul were found and confirmed. However I believe that the story is somewhat questionable and lacking in real proof. <<Here’s a link to an article […]