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-God Liked Abel’s Offering but Not Cain’s?

Q:  Gen 4: 3-5 God looked favorable upon Abel’s offering but not Cain’s. Why? It doesn’t seem fair to me. A:  Actually verse 7 gives us a clue. Cain was really not trying to do what was right but just trying to get by. Verse 3 says that he merely brought some fruit as an […]

-Revisited: Who Was Cain Afraid of?

Q: Adam & Eve were the 1st man/woman.  Able/Cain were were their sons.  Who were the people Cain thought might kill him, because he killed Able?  And where did they come from? Were they not off spring of Adam/Eve, therefore brothers/sisters of Cain/Able?   -Chuck A: Chuck, we actually dealt with that very question a couple […]

Who Was Cain Afraid Of?

Q: In Genesis, Abel kills his brother then says to God (paraphrase)-“Don’t send me out there, where others will surely kill me!” What others? Cain, Abel, Adam, & Eve are the only ones who exist at that time! Where did the ‘others’ come from? -From a friend of D.O. A: Genesis 4 contains the story […]