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-"The Gospel of Paul"?

Q:  Was Paul the apostle the same person as the Paul who wrote the Gospel according to Paul?  Praise the Lord! Thank you, Gene A:  Paul the Apostle did not write a separate gospel per se. Over the years Bible scholars have come to refer to the teaching and theology found in the Pauline epistles […]

-Was the Apostle Paul Really a Spy?

Q:  Was the Apostle Paul really a spy? A:  No!  Col. Rose Mary Sheldon of VMI recently claimed that Paul was a spy in her new book: “Operation Messiah: St. Paul, Roman Intelligence and the Birth of Christianity“–and received lots of publicity. <<Here’s my response to her ridiculous theory>>            *Top

-The Bible is a Jewish Book

Q:  It is said that Judaism came before Christianity and that there were Jewish prohets such as ( Jeremiah, Isaya) who prophesied about Jesus years before He was born and earlier there stories of Moses and Abraham and Isaack and Jackob. What i really want to know is whether these Biblical prophets and their prophecies […]