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-Which Came First Moses or Job -or- who Lived the Longest?

by Dr. D ~

Q:  Please who was older between Job and Moses? Where in the Bible can I find verses to show who was older?

A:  Are you asking which came first or who lived the longest?

Most Bible scholars believe that Job was written before Moses came along. In fact many think that Job is the oldest book in the Bible though Moses writes about the beginning and a much earlier time in the Book of Genesis.

Other than the Book of Job and a reference in Ezekiel (14:14,20) the man Job is not mentioned anywhere else in the Bible. So there is no particular Bible verse that would prove it one way or another but the culture in the Book of Job reflects an earlier time frame (Patriarch Period) than that of Moses.

Who Lived the longest? Job.

According to the Book of Job (42: 16) he lived 140 years after the trouble recorded in the book and was ‘full of days’ and saw 4 generations of his posterity. Since in the beginning of the book he was already a mature man with adult children he probably lived for more than 180 years at least.

Moses lived to be 120 years old according to Deut. 34:7.

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4 Responses to -Which Came First Moses or Job -or- who Lived the Longest?

  1. Randy cook

    How do we know Job did not live under Mosaic Law. Job 1:5

  2. Dr. D

    Actually Randy, Job 1:5 is a reference that Bible scholars cite as showing that Job’s religious practice is more reflective of the Patriarchal period rather than the later Mosaic law which centered around the Tabernacle, Levitical priesthood, and later the Temple.

  3. Michelle

    From an article in Answers in Genesis :Since the Flood offers a viable explanation for the Ice Age, one could expect that the Ice Age would be mentioned in the Bible. It is possible that the book of Job, written about 500 years or so after the Flood, may include a reference to the Ice Age in Job 38:29–30, which says, “From whose womb comes the ice? And the frost of heaven, who gives it birth? The waters harden like stone, and the surface of the deep is frozen.” However, Job could have observed frost and lake ice during winter in Palestine, especially if temperatures were colder because of the Ice Age.

    This helps to place Job before Moses.

  4. Mr DENNIS

    I think job time the lucifer was still morning star angle but not devil on the earth but moses time lucifer was already throw now called devil.

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