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-Genesis 3: Did God Create Evil?

by Dr. D ~

Q: In Genesis 3 evil comes into the world. Why did God create evil? After all if God supposedly created everything then he must have created evil also.

A: God did not create evil. He did create Satan who had been his highest angel but became evil by choice. He also created the man and the woman and gave them the freedom to choose—to make choices. It is by the choice of Adam and Eve that evil came into the world.

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4 Responses to -Genesis 3: Did God Create Evil?

  1. Bible Study Boy

    In the bible God says “I make peace and create evil”. Yes, God did create evil, he told us this himself. (Isaiah 45 verse 7). There are many in the world today who have no or little knowledge of the scriptures. Even those who know what the bible says have a hard time understanding it’s message. Many seek to please God with their own works of righteousness in the flesh through natural wisdom and understanding. However, the law of God is spiritual as written in Romans 7. The bible must be followed based on spiritual interpretation through faith alone in JEsus Christ.

  2. Dr. D

    Bible Study Boy: Sorry the context and original Hebrew word in Is. 45:7 does not support your view.

    It is not talking about the origins or creation of Evil here and the original Hebrew word is an adjective rather than a noun. It is best understood or translated into current English as ‘disaster’ or ‘calamity’ or in some contexts it is translated as ‘misery’ and ‘injury’. Any decent Hebrew lexicon will verify this–check it out.

    The KJV in old English has that wording but none of the modern Christian versions follow suit.

    *However you are entirely right when you say that salvation comes by grace and “The bible must be followed based on spiritual interpretation through faith alone in Jesus Christ.”


  3. Tara

    Thanks Bible Study Boy…i wish more christians knew of those two verses….God is everything….

  4. Bible Study

    I do believe that God is sovereign and in complete control even over evil, but like you mentioned, I don’t believe God is injurious at all, this much is a fact according to scripture. Thanks all of you for your hospitality and conversation, and replies. I enjoy interacting with others on scripture. God bless all who are seeking jesus.

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