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-Can Those ‘Left Behind’ Still be Saved?

by Dr. D ~

Q: When the tribulation starts, before the Antichrist has risen, the believers will be taking up to Heaven. My Question is this when those people who were believers left behind will they get a second chance to be saved in the Tribulation? This is my question. –Solomon

A: Solomon, it is still ‘day’ for those left behind. Since they are still alive it is not really a ‘second chance’ but still the first and all can be saved who have real saving faith in the Lord Jesus Christ during the tribulation period regardless of whether they ‘professed’ to believe before or not. In fact many will come to Christ during the Tribulation including millions of Jews.

The only scriptural qualifier is whether they receive the ‘mark of the beast’ or not in which case they would no longer be eligible for salvation according to Rev. 15:9-11.

All of this assumes that the Pre-Tribulation theory is correct in the first place and believers will be ‘Raptured’ before the Antichrist-the Beast of Revelation is revealed. Solomon, there are many solid Bible scholars who do not believe in the pre-millennial, pre-tribulational approach to eschatology.

Some believe that the church will be going through the tribulation, and meet Christ in the air at the end of that period, others see the church being raptured in the middle of the tribulation or just before the ‘wrath of God’ is poured out. Some do not believe in the millennium at all and take a ‘amillennial’ approach to the events in the Book of Revelation seeing them as primarily allegory and part of the church age.            *Top

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3 Responses to -Can Those ‘Left Behind’ Still be Saved?

  1. German Inoa

    Thanks for write-up, it looks like you got it all figure out, no? -Can Those ‘Left Behind’ Still be Saved? | ANSWERS Bible Q & A was a wonderful read.

  2. casey

    the LORD keeps reminding me to live every day as if it was the end of days; which i think is great council. He also reminds me that the foolish virgins who were among the virgins with *full lamps* is applicable in this situation. if our lamps are full (oil representing, as usual, the Holy Spirit) than we need not fear worst-case scenario eschatological scenarios, nor do we have to wonder if we ARE lukewarm if we will just *get another chance*…we are His, we hear His voice, remember that obedience is better than sacrifice / religious duties / ritual, and obey as He leads. Then, I’d say, we’re in good shape…is that the american church? sure hope so.

  3. Ash Quillen

    Well, I don’t know what to believe or what not. I do believe we are in last days
    Of the world we know. I know that I am saved. I know that the 1000 years of peace after
    The return of the Jesus is always on my mind. A world with out the devil.
    I have been reaing into the Hopis indians beliefs….you should
    To the believe the tru white brother “the purifier” will return
    To bring peace to the land. And if you are not a believer you shall persish.
    They also speak of a complete spiritual transformation of believers
    Upon his return. I am not affraid of what is to come. Only
    Ready to serve my purpose through Jesus christ..here on this earth or in

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