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-Are the Wisemen Really Buried in Cologne?

by Dr. D ~

Shrine of the three Magi, Cologne cathedral, G...

(-Shrine of the Three Magi via Wikipedia)

Q:  Is it true that the bones of the Three Wise Men are buried or supposedly buried in the cathedral in Cologne?  Thanks, Don

A:  Yes, a Cathedral in Cologne, Germany does claim to be the final resting place for the Wisemen– Shrine of the Three Kings at Cologne Cathedral. However, the origin and disposition of the relics can only be traced back to 344 AD at Constantinople, therefore the historicity can not be verified. It is an unlikely possibility since the first mention of the relics is in the 4th century and the real Wisemen undoubtedly would have died in the first century.

Bottomline- This tradition is uncertain at best with the lack of earlier documentation.

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