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-The First Tithe?

by Dr. D ~

Q:  Who was the first person to give tithes to God?  -Nathan H

A:  Abraham. From the very beginning, Adam and his family gave offerings to God (Gen. 4:3-5). However, the first mention of a tenth or a tithe being given is found in Gen. 14:18-20. Abraham had just won a great battle against some enemies and recovered his nephew Lot and his family.

He gave a tenth of everything on the way back in thanksgiving for the victory–given to Melchizedek the priest of God in Salem (later called Jerusalem). Note also that he refused to keep any of the spoils for himself.  (Revised 12/17/08)          *Top

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30 Responses to -The First Tithe?

  1. Russell Earlk Kelly

    Abraham was only the first person mentioned in the Bible who gave a tithe. He was not the first to tithe. Tithing was practised all over the ancient world as a tribute to the gods for farming on their lands.

    Abraham’s tithe was a pagan spoils of war tithe in obedience to well know Arab tradition.

  2. Dr. D

    You are incorrect on 2 points:

    1. Abraham gave the tithe to God so it was not pagan.

    2. The Arabs didn’t become a people until the 9th century BC so it was not in response to an ‘Arab tradition’
    In fact most of the original Arabic tribes trace their lineage back to Abraham–as descendants of one of the 6 sons he had after Sarah died and he took another wife–Keturah (Gen 25:1-4).

    Also, just because current surrounding groups practiced a form of tithing says nothing about its origin.

  3. Phil Nickel

    I believe you are incorrect and diseminating false information about the Holy Writings. It is said that he, Abraham, gave a tenth of the spoils of war; his own personal wealth was not mentioned in the passage you refer to, so you are misleading people with your carelessness. Correct me if I am wrong, or, If I am not, make a retraction, if you can. At the very least, be more attentive to what is written by the Author. In His name, Phil.

  4. Dr. D

    Thanks for calling this to my attention. You are probably correct since the tenth was given on the way back from the victory. The changes have been made. Blessings

  5. Brenda

    I enjoy God word, and I want 2 know more .

  6. Korbli Wisdom

    So who is the second person

  7. Dr. D

    Jacob, Abraham’s grandson promises to give God 10% of all he is blessed with: “…and of all that you give me I will give you a tenth.” -Genesis 28:22 (Read Gen 28:10-22 for the context)

    While Jacob is the second mentioned in the Bible to offer a tithe, I believe that this shows that the idea of giving God a tenth of what he had blessed them with may have already become part of their family tradition coming from Abraham.

  8. Steve R.

    The Law required people to do something,less they be cursed,they did not have the spirit residing in them (born again).2 Corinthians 9:7 is in the dispensation of grace.We,and especially pastors should not teach tithing directly,it is hard for an unbeliever to “see” Jesus when he is “billed” for coming to church.If people are to preach or teach,they should do it only under the anointing after much preparation so that their message is spirit and not flesh.When I “see”or perceive a spirit filled message I am moved on by they Holy Spirit to support that type of spirit filled preaching…John 6:63(thy words are Spirit and are life).The most dynamic preachers have motivated givers.The new covenant has Galatians 6:7,and that covers a lot,including $$$.The law of the Spirit of life in Christ,has set me free from the law of sin (requirement to give under compulsion) and death…we are not under a curse if in Christ.Seek God on what He wants you to give…He will tell you…Jesus said “my sheep I.E.-my born again believer ” hear my voice…John 10:27…Giving is a love language between you and the Lord. 🙂

  9. Joelene Pretorius

    Genesis 14 vs clearly shows that abraham did not touch the spoils of war and tithe of his own wealth only as it shows in GODS word..

    [23] That I will not take from a thread even to a shoelatchet, and that I will not take any thing that is thine, lest thou shouldest say, I have made Abram rich:
    [24] Save only that which the young men have eaten, and the portion of the men which went with me, Aner, Eshcol, and Mamre; let them take their portion.

  10. Dennis

    Please i want to ask why did the King of salem refused to accept the tiche but pastor are making it compulsory

  11. Dr. D

    Dennis, the King of Salem did not refuse to accept the tithe. It was Abraham who refused to accept any of the spoils of war. Very few pastors today make tithing ‘compulsory’ since it was a law in the Old testament but not specified in the New. Quite a few teach it as a good starting point for giving.

  12. Newton Sumi

    Praise the Lord who give you the wisdom

  13. LOIS

    The very first offerings was from Cain and Able. Tithes and offerings are a test of the heart. That is why God rejected Cain offering. Able gave Him first fruits offering, the best he had. Cain gave from less then the best and was rejected, he wasn’t repentant he was jeleous and killed Able, his own brother.
    I belive this is the first recorded tithe and offering. It’s what I’m trying to find out; how did they know to tithe. Did Adam and Eve give an offering after they left the garden? If so where is it. I am Journaling on the topic of tithing. Thanks.

  14. Pastor Sanders

    You gave the absolute best response!! Stay encouraged and continue walking in truth!

  15. Antonio Gilmore

    Steve.R that is very true in many ways many pastors have abused that and seek after money for their own financial gain tithing is biblical and it’s the way of Christian Life I’m a consistent either and I see the work and the rewards of tithing even at times when you are in a financial crunch and you can’t see or can’t seem to see your way through but trust me it does work cuz God don’t need your money but when you give to your faith and not allowed out to filter its way in God will send a blessing through someone simply put God will never show up in his own personal form because he is spirit and Truth but he will use people to be a blessing to you and seal use you to bless others as well

  16. Antonio Gilmore

    SteveR sorry for the misspelled word tither I didn’t double-check my spelling because I was speaking into the voice command and sometimes the voice command puts in its own words and if we don’t double check them will find that it’ll say something other than what you said

  17. Antonio Gilmore

    I believe that Adam had his children to tithe Genesis 4:1 through 4 because it says in the process of time both Sons brought forth an offering Cain’s offering was rejected enables was accepted because Abel gave the best and he gave from the heart Cain’s offering was not given from the heart and he did not give the best therefore he was jealous because he was rejected and Abel was accepted but God gave him an opportunity to get it right and for warn him of his anger and jealousy towards his brother.

  18. Antonio Gilmore

    sorry once again for not double-checking my spelling I was saying and Abel’s but this Google speak put something else there??? I must learn to consistently double check my spelling even when I speak into this device??

  19. Salvation

    Thanks all for your contributions. This topic is strictly meant for the believers in Chris in general. Whoevere gives tithes and do not have love for( 1cor 13vs1-10)humanity it’s makes no difference with someone that doesn’t give tithes, Pls read Mathew (23 vs 23)….. For this is just God want from human(micha 6vs8) with this u can cover the words of Tithes because it was love Jesus Christ commanded and not tithe…. Sha-lum-alekun….

  20. Jide

    1 Corinthians 9v14.

  21. Jide

    Mattew 23v23.

  22. Ibrahim

    God bless you all. If i was able, i could buy your wisdom.

  23. Mufaro Jaja

    Can someone explain to me the difference between 1st ,2nd,and third tithe.

  24. Justin shangwa

    HOW CAN PEOPLE BE SO SELFISH IN GIVING BACK 10% ONLY TO GOD? IS THAT 10% LESSER THAN THE GRACE OF GOD? We are alive by His Grace, we are gaining strength from the Lord, we are prospering through Him. Where ever we are today, i take it that’s by His Grace not by my ability. Why people are getting so hard to give 10% to God… we cannot pay anything for His love and sacrifice. At least we can give HIM 10% and say Thank you Lord.

  25. Jeff

    The “tithe” referred to regarding Avram is the “Law of Herem” or “Law of the Ban”. It is clearly outlined as a “one time” spoils of war offering to YHWH. So, if your pastor brings this up as the example in the Apostolic Writings to tithe, remind your pastor it is a “one time” tithe, and head for the exit…. :). The accounts in Joshua for those who did not follow this command were not pleasant.

  26. Yoma

    We claim the blessings,healing, protections ,provisions and the covenants of the old testament but deny the giving of tithe in the old testament. We must strike a balance.

  27. Emily

    I read through some of the comments and agree with some and not others. Personally, I can’t see why people get all worked up about paying their tithes. Tithes is under the law and we are under grace, etc, etc, etc. I pay tithes because firstly my conviction is this…We are all children of Abraham and Abraham was not under any “law covenant”. He was under some form of “grace” as the law had not come until the time of Moses. If Abraham tithed being under “grace”, then I do to as I am also under “grace. What is 10%????? NOTHING!!!! We can never repay God for anything He’s done for us…we can only be OBEDIENT to His Word!! God bless all!!

  28. Cecile

    I would like to know if 10%is from the gross or the net of your income?

  29. Evangelist smart

    God bless you all for your ideas. I am enjoying

  30. Beautiful

    That’s correct. I spoke with God concerning the tithe. His response was, “give me 10% and think the rest is yours.” Like yourself, the Holy Spirit directs me on where to give and how much to give. I believe tithe is fear based.

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