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Still Celebrating Easter?

by Dr. D ~

Q: I noticed that all you Christians still went to church and celebrated Easter. I thought they found the tomb of Jesus a while back, along with Mary Magdalene and a son?

A: Yes, we are still celebrating the Resurrection of our Lord. I have yet to find one major archaeologist or Bible scholar that agrees with those who claim to have found the supposed tomb of Jesus and his family. See the following article and all the links posted within. *Top

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2 Responses to Still Celebrating Easter?

  1. Leonard Turner

    First of all , it would be wonderful if we get it right . Just what are we as Christians are celebrating ? I trust that we are celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus ; on April 20th and not Easter ! Easter is a Pagan word that has its roots in Eastara , the goddess of re- birth ; rebirth of the earth . Put the word Easter in the search engine and see what comes up ! . Easter is a word that we as Christian should remove from our vocabulary .
    It is time we start telling the truth to people ; let them know that it is the
    Resurrection of Jesus , we celebrate . The world’s calendars may have Easter
    written all over it ! ; but our Church Calendars , should have Resurrection
    Sunday on it !! . Amen .

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