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Numbers 13:33 – The Nephilim and The Anakites?

by Dr. D ~

Q: Numbers 13:33 seems to indicate that at least some of the Nephilim may have survived the flood and the Anakites were their descendents?

A: The report of these ten leaders was so wrong on so many levels, about so many facts, and was so given to so much exaggeration, that their statement about the Anakites as being descendents of Nephilim can not be trusted. The Anakites could have been men of large stature and merely reminded the Israelites of the past stories about the Nephilim. While Moses does not specifically contradict this part of the report. One has to wonder if God would have allowed some of the Nephilim to survive when he specifically brought the flood to eliminate them?

Gen. 7: 23 clearly teaches that this is not the case; that all mankind, all animals, and all birds were wiped out, except for Noah and those with him in the Ark.


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52 Responses to Numbers 13:33 – The Nephilim and The Anakites?

  1. Sam

    They were not eliminated in the flood. Gen 6:4 says, They(nephilim) were on the earth in those day(preflood), and afterward.” Not sure how they made it through the flood, but bible says they did.

  2. Dr. D

    Good point but what does the ‘afterward apply to? I believe that the ‘afterward’ applies to having offspring with the wives they took in verse 2. The flood does not become part of the conversation until verse 7.