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Re: Gen. 19:31-36 Lot’s Daughters & Gen. 9:25

by Dr. D ~

Q: In Gen. 9:25, Noah cursed his youngest for seeing him naked and these gals did a lot more than that?

A: Was this Noah’s view or God’s? However, most believe that a lot more was implied than spoken of in that deal. In any case, I think that Noah may have over reacted here, unless he was standing here as a prophet and proclaiming God’s judgment in this situation.

Nevertheless, the ‘cursing’ and ‘blessings’ of ones sons was a tradition among the patriarchs that had legal and spiritual implications and reality. Noah’s cursing of Ham and his son Canaan was serious indeed, and God did usually honor these proclamations.

Note: Later, the prophets of God proclaimed numerous judgments against the descendents of Lot’s daughters -Moab and the Ammonites (Too numerous to list here).


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