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Man Will Live 120 Years?

by Dr. D ~

Gen. 6:3- Then the Lord said, “My Spirit shall not abide in man forever, for he is flesh: his days shall be 120 years.” (ESV)

Q: Looking for a good understanding of Gen. 6:3. Mentions 120 years, yet they lived 500-700- years then–seems contradictory.

A: “…shall be…”-The language indicates that in the ‘future’ the lifespan will be 120 years. After the flood, it did gradually shorten to that ; and eventually far less.

Life spans seem to be increasing with the event of modern medicine. I have read that scientists think that in the future and under the best of conditions, 120 may be attainable, but will probably be the limit.

Note: According to the Bible, during ‘The Millennium’, people will be living for over a thousand years! Obviously things are going to change during that time period.


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3 Responses to Man Will Live 120 Years?

  1. DeWayne Benson

    Once it is understood there are two separate (Latin) “Millennium” described in Rev-20, where actually it is the Greek ‘chilioi’ Thousand being used (and essentially the only place found singularly in the NT), it becomes easier to understand that ‘chilioi’ refers to a period representing in this case two separate events.

    The first chilioi-event is in regard to Satan bound and sealed in the abyss. The second and later chilioi-event after the ministry of Christ, is the first resurrection of saints that reign with Christ, these accompanying Christ rising in victory over death. Both of these chilioi-events described as ending later and at the very same time when Satan is released from the abyss.

    It becomes clear at this point that during Satan bound in the abyss, the resurrected saints reign (serve) also in this chilioi-encapsulation or duality. Realizing that saints are those whose sins through Christ are forgiven, and these as Paul stated now live (not according to flesh) but as new spiritual man, meaning it is Christ (HS) living within that enables this new spiritual existence.

    To understand this new spiritual man it is necessary to study the life giving Holy Spirit concerning the symbolic Chilioi/Thousand, being both literal and figurative much as was the Promise given by God to the chosen described as both a Thousand-Generations, and Eternal.

    Mans lifetime at most 120-years if figured as a day being a thousand years, still would not total to equate also as eternal. Understanding that God does not err, indicates a need of study such as determining if this verse in the first instance describes this earth age, while in the second instance refers to the eternal, together being an encapsulation to describe both. This is simply one idea as to how the promise can be so diverse in time scale, yet certainly has purpose and meaning.

  2. DeWayne Benson

    I am strongly concerned that the “Time of fulfillment for the Gentile” is soon to be fulfilled, and the final week (70th) prophecy of Daniel is close at hand.

    Attention within the world appears short concerning the lost, this is certainly a time needed to begin strong relation with the Lord. So much false teaching and prophecy today is found in the American churches, I worry greatly they will not be ready.

  3. Joan Finley

    Jesus is coming after a Glorious Church, Shining with God’s Glory. This mighty church has been asleep but the sleeping Giant will awaken to a victorious church, shining with the Glory of The Lord.

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