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-Jihad Flags Proudly Displayed at Muslim Day Parade NYC

by Dr. D ~ September 24th, 2013

On Sunday (9/22/13) a number of American Muslims proudly displayed Jihad flags as they marched in the Muslim Day Parade in NYC. It was supposed to be a moment of pride for Muslims and the theme for the event was:  "Islam’s Contribution to Human Civilization."

However, the entire exercise promoting the ‘religion of peace’ in NYC was preempted by a number of major terrorist events around the world ending in the deaths of hundreds along with thousands hurt and wounded. Ironically the same Jihad flag was flown at all of these very different locations all promoting Islam in their own way. In deference to the theme of the march in New York City, Islam’s current contribution to human civilization in the 21th century seems to be terrorism, the suicide bomber, along with fear, death and mayhem all in the name of their god and religion.

I am sure that most of those participating in the march want nothing better than to be respected American citizens and democratic contributors to this great country. However others carrying the Jihad flag display the symbol of a very different cause which includes a world view where free countries like the USA are eradicated in favor of an Islamic caliphate and a society where only Islam is tolerated and everyone else is given a choice between conversion, death or maybe special infidel taxes and laws.

That very scenario was demonstrated for all to see at the Mall in Kenya while American Muslims were peacefully carrying the Jihad flags down the streets of New York.  At the very same time several American Muslims were among the number who marched into the mall carrying the same black flag with pride while killing men, women, and children.

The reality and contrasts that make up Islam were on display for all to see on Sunday. While a majority of American Muslims really do represent a ‘religion of peace’ and a moderate faction of Islam there are also a large minority within Islam around the world who demonstrate a very different and more violent form. The truth should not be discouraged and hidden behind some kind of false campaign to eradicate so-called Islamophobia. The conversation about Islam in America needs to be open to the truth.

The fact is that all people of good will are welcome to freely practice their religion in America but those who would seek and plot our destruction not so much. The Constitutional right to ‘freedom of religion’ should never be allowed to become some kind of ‘suicide pact.’  Americans have every right to carry a jihad flag if they want to but some of the actions represented by that symbol are a different story.            *Top

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3 Responses to -Jihad Flags Proudly Displayed at Muslim Day Parade NYC

  1. Brian

    Would New York City have authorized a Baptist Day Parade? How about an Assemblies of God Day Parade? I dare say a parade request by either group would be denied.

    The white flag is the state flag of the caliphate. The text is “There is no god but Allah; Muhammad is Allah’s messenger.” The black flag (start approx 1:09 into the video) is the jihad flag – flown in war against infidels.

  2. Dr. D

    Thanks Brian. The closest you can still get is the St. Patrick’s parade but that tradition started in the 19th century and has degenerated into green beer and having an excuse to get drunk more than anything else.

    It was the black flag that was carried by the terrorists and the one I was really referring to though the white caliphate flag is almost as bad since it symbolizes the hope of an Islamic republic to replace America as we know it.

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