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-Christianity Under Attack by NBC Over the Weekend?

by Dr. D ~ February 17th, 2013

It is Lent which is the run up to Easter -the holiest time of the year for Christians. It is also the time of the year when the American MSM through magazines and TV programs bring out their expose’s against the Bible and Christianity in particular. Over the weekend NBC started their attacks on two very different fronts.

First there was a SNL skit which portrayed Jesus as a blood thirty killer getting even in a ‘Tarantino’ style movie trailer (shown above) entitled: “DeJesus Uncrossed”

Saturday Night Live is known for their off-beat irreverent humor at times but this is even over the top for them and actually offensive. Some might call it ironic or even imaginative and they might even claim that SNL is an equal opportunity offender but until they do something against Muhammad don’t expect me to give them a pass for insulting the Son of God and co-creator of all things.

The second attack was from NBC sports writer Rick Chandler who had Tim Tebow and historic First Baptist Church of Dallas in his sights claiming that the Southern Baptist Convention congregation was ‘anti-gay’ and ‘anti-Semitic’ and Tebow must be also since he was scheduled to speak there.

Secular sports writers just can’t pass up an opportunity to slander evangelical Tim Tebow. But in this case it is a distorted hit piece based upon ignorant 3rd party information. If First Baptist is ‘anti-gay’ and ‘anti-Semitic’ then every evangelical church in America is also.

What has this church done to deserve those designations? First Baptist’s pastor, Dr. Robert Jeffress is well known for opposing same-sex marriage and he teaches that ‘only’ believers in Jesus Christ can be saved so this leaves out unbelieving Jews and everyone else who doesn’t accept Jesus for that matter –something that Christians have taught for 2,000 years. So in final analysis this is really a media attack on all of us who still hold to traditional biblical teaching.

This is not the first time that NBC and affiliates have aired attacks against religion and Christianity in particular.  In December, an NBC editor claimed that it was ‘religion’ that ruined the Christmas holiday.  Then last month in January, MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell mocked the Bible and suggested that it no longer should be used in the inauguration of the President. I wonder what NBC will have for us in March –particularly for Easter at the end of the month?            *Top

*Hat Tip: Todd StarnesFox news

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4 Responses to -Christianity Under Attack by NBC Over the Weekend?

  1. Brian

    It is not just NBC. Consider this inflammatory posting on Huffington Post:


    And even TV guide is getting into the act:


    When I googled “Tebow anti-gay church” I got 109,000 hits.

    In other words, the main stream media is out in force, marching in steps with each other, quoting each other and conducting a smear campaign that would make Joseph Goebbels proud.


  2. Dr. D

    Thanks Brian,
    You are on top of things as usual. Obviously the MSM is now in lock-step to ruin Tim Tebow.

  3. Robert

    LOL NBC is so lame, unplug the cable people…. you’ll feel better in the morning.

  4. John Christopher Sunol

    These attacks are happening all over the world in different forms, In Islam Christians are being murdered in cold bloog but in western countries the so called human rights and equal opportunity are denying them originals teachins and to teach the truth

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