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-Three ‘Parents’ on One Birth Certificate?

by Dr. D ~ February 7th, 2013

Barack Hussein Obama II birth certificate

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Two lesbian moms and a gay dad are listed as ‘parents’ on ‘their’ daughter’s birth certificate? According to Miami family attorney Karyn Begin:

“We’re creating entirely new concepts of families.”

Yes you are. Sounds like a new type of ‘group’ relationship/family but it was allowed by a Florida judge. Here’s the story from Fox News:

A Miami-Dade circuit judge has reportedly approved an adoption allowing three people — a gay man and a married lesbian couple — to be listed on the birth certificate of their 23-month-old daughter.

The Miami Herald reports that Maria Italiano and Cher Filippazzo, who married in Connecticut, and their attorney, Kenneth Kaplan, declined to be interviewed. The women, according to Miami family attorney Karyn Begin, are longtime partners who unsuccessfully tried to become pregnant via fertility clinics.  …

Following a verbal agreement, Gerina gave the women his sperm and Italiano conceived. The couple planned for Filippazzo to later adopt the baby and both would raise the child.

According to Florida law, sperm donors have no legal rights in artificial inseminations. But Gerina said he considered himself a parent, not simply a donor.

The women, he claimed, “wanted a father for the baby, not just the sperm.”

<Read the whole article>

Response: This is an interesting case where the sperm donor refused to go away into the night but sued for his parental rights. Now the girl has 3 official parents. 

I wonder if this is an example of what we might expect in the future. Divorces have many times created confusing family situations for children in the last generation or so. Now we have new official ‘family’ relationships defined by judges in a court room that no one would have ever predicted or condoned 50 years ago.

With the dawn of same-sex marriages becoming legal in many states what is there to stop other types of relationships from seeking to gain legal status? Are ‘group marriages’ (polyamory) and families the next big progressive thing on the horizon? After all, when you re-define marriage and refuse to be limited by Biblical standards what are the logical reasons for denying any other kind of relationship that people might want to legalize and call marriage and family?            *Top

Hat Tip: Thanks to Brian B. for calling my attention to this story 

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