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-Responding to The New Obama HHS Contraceptive Compromise

by Dr. D ~ February 5th, 2013

Oral contraceptive

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So far most religious organizations including the Catholic Bishops in America are taking their time looking at the new so-called compromise to the HHS contraceptive mandate.

It is supposed to offer a way for religious organization to avoid paying for insurance that provides free contraceptives and free abortion inducing medications to employees.

The following is my initial response to the new compromise. The major question is this:

Who is really going to pay for the separate insurance plans?

The new offer by the administration does not clearly define who is going to pay for it all. Does the government pick up the additional tab? If so then every tax payer in America ends up paying for it.

If the insurance companies are expected to offer the new separate ‘contraceptives only’ plans for nothing then in reality the expenses will be picked up by increasing the costs of all of their other plans including those supplied and paid for by the religious organizations who wish to opt out in the first place. It is pure ignorance or naiveté on the part of this administration to expect insurance companies to pick up the tab without passing on the cost of it to all of their customers.

In final analysis, this new plan really doesn’t change a thing particularly for those organizations who are self insured. I believe that most religious organizations will probably continue on with their lawsuits against the HHS mandate unless the government offers to pick up the tab.            *Top

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3 Responses to -Responding to The New Obama HHS Contraceptive Compromise

  1. Brian

    The cost of contraception is modest. It is not a burden on anyone who desires to use a contraceptive to pay for it themselves. Sandra Fluke’s testimony that contraceptives could cost her “$3,000 or more” apparently over a three year period, is (I submit) much exaggerated. American women who want to use contraception have had no difficulty (financial or otherwise) obtaining access to contraceptives. And there is no pressing need for women who have had access to contraceptives for decades to suddenly need insurance/employer or government funded contraception.

    There are numerous other examples of practices that Americans engage in which would require precautionary equipment (analogous to contraception) but which the government does not pay for. Ride a motorcycle? Get a helmet – at your expense. Work around noisy equipment? Buy earplugs. Like to swim at the local pool? Buy sunscreen. Do you own a small boat? Buy a lifejacket.

    I am not trying to be facetious with the foregoing paragraph. We do lots of things in life that can have consequences. If we want to avoid the consequences, you either do not undertake the action, or take precautionary measures, or you accept the consequences. But one action (sex) and its consequence (pregnancy) has been elevated above all others in the fact that precautionary measures are turned into a legal right. I dare say that there is no logical reason to distinguish between sex/contraception and any other voluntary activity for which one might reasonably take prudent safety or precautionary measures.

    My point is that this is not about the money. All the foregoing actions that I have enumerated, and thousands more like them, cost money to take safety precautions. Sometimes a lot of money. But no governmental body is demanding “free” insurance coverage for these actions. This is about an agenda-driven secular machine which is intentionally provoking confrontation with conservative Christian groups. The goal of “free” contraception is merely a way station on a highway to imposing upon the American public, and conditioning the American public to accept, a value-free, amoral tolerance of absolute sexual license. You don’t undercut the moral fabric of this country by demanding that the government provide free helmets to motorcyclists. But you do undercut its moral values by demanding free contraceptives. And the ultimate goal here is replacing the traditional morality of the American people with a new “anything goes” view about human sexuality.



  2. Dr. D

    Thanks Brian-
    this issue is really all about control and re-defining the 1st amendment when it comes to religious liberty. Conservative folks with their God and guns continually get in the way of the progressive agenda.

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