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-Tebow a ‘Chauvinist’ or Misunderstood by the Media?

by Dr. D ~ September 25th, 2012

Tim Tebow OPENSports.com

                (Photo credit: OPEN Sports)

It all started several weeks ago when Tim Tebow arrived back in New York to play football and was asked by the media what he was looking for in a woman. He had remarks about the high standards set by his mother and sisters and then said:

"Obviously looks play a big part. Being attracted to someone plays a big part, but there’s also so much more than that for me. It’s about finding someone sweet and kind – and that has a servant’s heart. It’s about finding a girl who likes me for me, and not because of what I do or who I am or the name."

The ‘servants heart’ quote went viral and Tebow has been cast as a male chauvinist looking for a female slave/servant ever since in dozens of newspaper and magazine articles and in hundreds of blogs all across America.

This whole affair points out the widening disconnect between Christians –particularly evangelical Christians and the dominant American culture and in this case the secular media. The Language itself is becoming a real problem. You can see this disconnect every time the MSM tries to report on some religious issue they don’t really understand. Christians are increasingly misunderstood at work and in the public square all across America.

Christians are use to talking among themselves using theological and scriptural clichés which have little or no meaning for most in the dominant culture. This is where Tebow got into trouble. When an evangelical reads what Tebow has to say here the response is positive and reflects his want for a Christian woman who has a heart to serve God and serve others. However, for the secular media and many in the dominant culture the quote has a very different meaning and casts Tebow in a negative light as one who is looking for a woman to be his mere servant or slave.

It is obvious to Christians that Tim Tebow was entirely misunderstood and misjudged in this case. Tebow himself has tried to explain his true feelings to the media and even quoted Galatians 5:13:

"You, my brothers and sisters, were called to be free. But do not use your freedom to indulge the flesh; rather, serve one another humbly in love." –NIV

However the media template for Tim now reads ‘male chauvinist’ and probably always will. Fortunately Tim’s target audience for a woman is in the Christian community among those who will gladly accept and understand what he is looking for.            *Top

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