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-Dearborn, Mi: Muslim Imam and Christian Pastor Call for Limits to Free Speech

by Dr. D ~ September 22nd, 2012

Islamic Center of America

                       (Islamic Center of America:  Wikipedia)

It is already beginning…

At a ‘unity’ rally on Friday at the Islamic Center of America in Dearborn, Michigan attended by local Christian and Muslim leaders there were calls for peace and unity in protest of the controversial anti-Islamic video that has the Middle East in an uproar.

A lot of good things were said against all of the violence but a Christian pastor and an Muslim imam called for restrictions upon free speech in America and criminalization of abuses during the rallies.

Rev. Ed Rowe of Central United Methodist church in Detroit, suggested that the creators of the film should be held responsible and receive jail time for an abuse of free speech and inciting violence:

"They are responsible and blood is on their hands," said Rev. Rowe. He said people like the filmmakers should be locked up for instigating violence.

The pastor also rightly called for non-violent responses to the insult.

Also at the rally, Dawud Walid, of CAIR (the Council on American-Islamic Relations) spoke out and said that while he fully supports free speech, he added that the insulting anti-Islam video wasn’t the type of civil discourse that America’s founding fathers had in mind.


Meanwhile, a similar protest at Karbalaa Islamic Educational Center (also in Dearborn),  Imam Husham Al-Husainy called for restrictions on free speech that is offensive of religious leaders like Mohammed or Jesus:

“They should put a law not to insult a spiritual leader.”

Nevertheless he rightly added that “The only solution is to replace the hate with love.”

Response: It is already beginning. Some religious leaders in America are calling for Americans to cave in to the Muslim violence and limit our free speech when it comes to Islam. Oh yea, Jesus was also thrown in for good effect.

I trust that any Christian leader who supports this view has not really thought through to any logical conclusion of where this kind of thinking and action might take us. Do we really want to get to a point in America where the teachings and leaders of any particular religious group can not be freely discussed and critically evaluated or historically studied without threats of legal action or incarceration?

That is exactly where the limits have been drawn in the Middle East except there is a built in sharia law double standard in affect-  it is OK to put down the Bible, Christianity and Judaism, and other religions but any similar criticism of Islam or Muhammad and the Quran will land you in jail or worse. Now that is definitely not what the ‘founding fathers’ had in mind.             *Top

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