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-Pope Calls on Arab Nations to Respect ‘All’ Religions

by Dr. D ~ September 19th, 2012

English: Pope Benedict XVI during general audition

       (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the midst of all of the trouble in the Middle East over an ‘anti-Islam’ online video, Pope Benedict visited Lebanon and made several key addresses. In one he called on the Muslim Arab countries to respect ‘all’ religions. here’s the story from the Christian post:

At an open-air mass attended by 350,000 people in Lebanon, Pope Benedict XVI called on Arab leaders to respect rights and religions of all and seek reconciliation in the Middle East, which is not only torn by Syria’s civil war but also an anti-American outburst over nations are currently in an uproar over film on the Prophet Muhammad.

"May God grant to your country, to Syria and to the Middle East, the gift of peaceful hearts, the silencing of weapons and the cessation of all violence."

"I appeal to the Arab countries that, as brothers, they might propose workable solutions respecting the dignity, the rights and the religion of every human person,"

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Response: Muslims in over 21 nations are currently in an uproar over a minor amateurish video produced in the USA that hardly anyone has really seen (or would even want to see) and yet thousands are violently protesting against.

Meanwhile, Christianity, Judaism, and other religions are defamed, lied about, restricted and persecuted daily in the Middle East without any legal recourse. In fact sharia law itself and Muslim religious leaders are behind most of the manifested incidents of bigotry and discrimination. There is no real freedom of religion in most Arab countries.

Churches are burned, Bibles are destroyed, Women are raped and forced to convert, and innocent people are put in jail and prison over supposed defamation of Islam or its’ prophet. Fact is, in radical Islamic thinking, the very existence of other religions contradicts and therefore blasphemes the teachings of the prophet and the Quran and is considered an affront to Islam.

I congratulate Pope Benedict for having the guts to point out this ironic double standard in the midst of all of the controversy. If Muslim leaders want their religion to be respected then maybe they should show greater respect for others.                 *Top

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