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-Brazil: Controversial ‘Three-Partner’ Civil Union

by Dr. D ~ September 5th, 2012

LGBT flag map of Brazil

                    (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Polygamy is legal in most Muslim dominated countries but in nations with a Christian background and heritage it is unheard of in modern times.

Now comes news of the first legal ‘three-partner’ civil union in Brazil. It has created considerable controversy particularly among Christians in the nation.

Most Western nations are still reeling from a push to re-define marriage to include gay unions. Now this from the Christian Post:

Controversy has been sparked as the first civil union between three separate partners was registered in Tupã, in the Northwestern region of Sao Paulo state, Brazil last week. The three-person union has shocked religious groups in the country, and sparked further concerns that the traditional family unit is being further eroded by the current day society.    …

Notary officer, Claudia do Nascimento Domingues, has explained that the three partners lived together and wanted to publicly declare their status in order to guarantee their rights. Checks were conducted to see if there was any legal impediment to the unions and the notary office has confirmed that none were found.

<Read the whole article and the responses>

Response: We have long held that re-defining marriage to include gay partnerships will put us on a slippery slope and probably bring us to an ‘anything goes’ future. In this case a 3 partner civil union is legal because there were no specific laws against it?

The same rationale and legal views that are being used to further same-sex marriage today can also be used to support other different kinds of relationships in the future. If gay marriage is ok than why not a 3 partner marriage or polygamy, or maybe two couples together? Where does it stop. I have read blogs supporting all of the above including relationships with children and animals.

Where will it end? It will potentially end with the destruction of traditional marriage and the family unit that Western society has been built on for over 2,000 years. What will the future look like? At this point it is anyone’s guess except we know that considerable controversy and change is ahead.

The only comfort and security I have in all of this is the fact that I’ve read the back of the book-The Bible which defines the ultimate future of all humanity and the world.              *Top

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