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-Pastor Likes Rainbows and Says He’s the Gayest Man He Knows

by Dr. D ~ July 17th, 2012


From The Christian Post:

Dr. Ken Hutcherson, the pastor of Antioch Baptist Church in Redmond, Wash., posted an announcement earlier this week that many close to him – including his wife – have known for years. Hutcherson revealed that he is the "gayest man I know."

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Response: Former NFL linebacker-turned Evangelical pastor Ken Hutcherson claims in the article that he really like rainbows and is “gayest man I know." I can attest to that having heard him on the radio on a number of happy occasions.

The good pastor however is not homosexual but a very happy person indeed. He is merely trying to reclaim the language for the Kingdom. He points out that some of the supposedly ‘gay’ activists are not very happy people at all and really anything but gay in their lifestyle. Also, there was a time when rainbows were a sign from God and a symbol of His promises. I am with Pastor Hutcherson, it’s time that Christians take back the language for the Kingdom.            *Top

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