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-Crystal Cathedral to Get a New Name- ‘Christ Cathedral’

by Dr. D ~ June 10th, 2012

The exteriors of Crystal Cathedral. Garden Gro...

             ( Crystal Cathedral. Garden Grove, CA,: Wikipedia)

From Reuters:

A Roman Catholic diocese that bought the Southern California mega-church Crystal Cathedral in a $57.5 million bankruptcy sale will rename the Protestant place of worship Christ Cathedral, church leaders said on Saturday.  …

The name change was announced at an event in Garden Grove where new priests were ordained, said Stephen Bohannon, a spokesman for the diocese. The new name was approved by the Vatican, he said.

Protestant ministry leaders at Crystal Cathedral announced on Thursday that their congregation would move in June 2013 to a smaller Catholic church, under the terms of a deal with the diocese.

The Catholic diocese plans to turn Crystal Cathedral into a central place of worship for its growing flock, but Bohannon said it has not determined exactly when that could happen. Making the cathedral into a site for Catholic worship will require certain renovations, he said.

Response: We have been following this story all along and wondered what the new Catholic name would be. ‘Christ cathedral’ is a great choice and keeps faith with the diocese leadership’s promise to the former pastor Robert Schuller that the large property would be used for worship and ministry in the name of Christ.

Still it is a sore point among many here in Orange County who were members and supporters of Schuller’s protestant church and ministry for years only to be un-churched in their golden years. Especially after contributing millions for it to be built in the first place.            *Top

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