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-Buffalo: Christian Threatened with Jail for Handing Out Tracts

by Dr. D ~ May 15th, 2012

Alliance Defense Fund

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This is another one of those situations lately where Christians involved with street ministry -preaching or handing out tracts have been subjected to threats or arrests by the police in America.

The incident happened in Buffalo, New York during the Italian Festival last year. The police threatened to arrest a Christian man who was sharing his faith on public streets and sidewalks and ordered the him leave the festival.

The police are entirely wrong here since the Constitution guarantees free speech and the free expression of religion. The Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) filed a federal lawsuit last Thursday against the city of Buffalo over the incident.

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1 Response to -Buffalo: Christian Threatened with Jail for Handing Out Tracts

  1. Before It's News

    […] This is the story of a street preacher, Gregory Owen, who was threatened by police and kicked out of the Italian Festival in Buffalo, NY for sharing his faith. We posted on this situation when it happened. […]

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