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-InterVarsity to be Revoked as a Student Group at SUNY Buffalo?

by Dr. D ~ December 8th, 2011

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Here’s another case where a Christian student group is in trouble over expecting groups leadership to adhere to a core set of beliefs.

The InterVarsity Christian group at The State University of New York-Buffalo (SUNY Buffalo) is in the process of being investigated for dropping a leader who wanted to pursue an openly gay relationship.

While the campus group allows all students including gays to participate, group leaders are required to be in agreement with its doctrinal statement and living a life of Christian integrity. Gay sexual relationships violated the core set of beliefs set down for InterVarsity leaders.

According to SUNY Buffalo administrators and the student senate, the faith-based agreement for leaders puts InterVarsity in violation of campus policies. Unless the leadership requirements are dropped, the Christian group will probably be ‘derecognized’ and kicked off campus.

Response: This is happening all across the country. Christian student groups are being challenged because they are deemed to be ‘discriminatory’ in their demands for a leadership that adheres to a Christian standard of behavior. In most cases, homosexuals are barred from leadership positions along with ‘unbelievers’ in violation of current campus rules.

I read of at least one case where a Christian student group dropped the ‘core-beliefs’ requirement for leadership in order to stay on campus at one school and a group of secularist/atheists took over leadership of the group and started disseminating anti-Christian propaganda. So the group actually became ant-Christian instead under the old Christian name and logo.

So one way or another, Christian groups as they have been for over a  hundred years on college campuses in America are in jeopardy of disappearing or changing beyond all recognition. In final analysis, it is the Christian faith and lifestyle that is actually being ‘discriminated’ against on college and university campuses all across America.

Funny thing is that Muslim groups never seem to be challenged even though they would seem to be ‘discriminatory’ by the same campus standards?            *Top

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