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-Atheists Sue Over Gov. Perry’s Prayer Event

by Dr. D ~ July 14th, 2011

Governor Rick Perry

                   (Gov. Perry by eschipul via Flickr)

The Freedom from Religion Foundation filed a federal lawsuit on Wednesday seeking to stop an evangelical Christian prayer event endorsed by Texas governor Rick Perry. The group argues that the day of prayer and fasting scheduled for August 6 violates the constitutional ban on the government endorsing a religion.

The complaint contends that Perry violated ‘the establishment clause’ of the First Amendment by organizing, and promoting the Christian event.

According to Dan Barker, a co-director of the foundation:

"The answers for America’s problems won’t be found on our knees or in heaven, but by using our brains, our reason and in compassionate action.

"Gov. Perry’s distasteful use of his civil office to plan and dictate a religious course of action to ‘all citizens’ is deeply offensive to many citizens, as well as to our secular form of government."

The plaintiffs also contend that Gov. Perry crossed a line by using his position as governor to ‘officially’ endorse and promote it through an official website which includes the use of Texas’ official state seal.

The event is being sponsored by several evangelical Christian groups, including the American Family Association and is scheduled to be held on August 6 at Reliant Stadium in Houston, Texas.

The Freedom from Religion Foundation recently lost a similar case in April when they initiated a lawsuit against the Obama administration over the National Day of Prayer.

Response: Here we go again. Does one give up their free exercise of religion when one is elected to political office in this country?


Is Gov. Perry demanding that ‘all citizen’ participate in the event? No. He is inviting everyone but all are free to choose to respond or not. What harm is to be incurred by those who choose not to participate?


Fact is Presidents and Governors have been sponsoring and giving official proclamations supporting prayer from the very beginning of this country. The first four presidents of this nation participated in the writing of the Constitution and the First Amendment yet did not feel constrained from prayer declarations.

One thing for sure, we do disagree with Dan Barker when he says: "The answers for America’s problems won’t be found on our knees or in heaven…”. Plus the use of prayer and seeking divine guidance never leaves out “using our brains, our reason and in compassionate action” like Barker implies.

We live in times when the top experts are openly puzzled about the direction the country needs to go and the actions that need to be taken. Where shall we turn for enlightenment when there is no clear path ahead?

We agree with Gov. Perry, it is time to seek out help from God. Not only that, it is time to pray for a spiritual revival to descend upon America once more.              *Top

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3 Responses to -Atheists Sue Over Gov. Perry’s Prayer Event

  1. Frank Hatch

    Atheism and Rational Religion on a Pale Blue Dot:

    Like a Pale-Blue-Dot Barbarian, I’m swinging a broad sword between Atheism and Rational Religion. It is my prayer that my bloody mess will be sorted out; but as a barbarian, I enjoy sword hacking.

    The Group-think of dialectical logic is used in Atheism and Rational Religion [e.g., Determininism, Islamism, Pantheism, Evolutionism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Cao-Dai, etc….”My name is Legion, for we are many” (Mark 5:9)].

    The Atheist takes pride in being an elemental force, and separating itself from a life available. It calls this obsession, “objectivity.” In fact, it is only suicide.

    The Atheist needs to pretend to know the thesis and the antithesis to worship the Pale-Blue-Dot synthesis – the Ideal Rational Religion for “smart people.” As a Christian, I don’t need to pretend to be so smart.

    The Atheist can not collect facts either explicitly or implicitly. Whatever it collects is irrelevant. As a Determinist, the Atheist is simply a physio-chemical reaction controled by its environment.

    The Atheist, however, can appear to collect something by restricting itself to a linear time sequence. The Atheist implicitly collects “facts” by implicitly claiming to be honest. But the Atheist can’t be honest. The Atheist is dead. By its own definition, it is the same as its environment. Like the Pale-Blue-Dot Pantheist, the Atheist can only worship itself. It has no standard but itself.

    Since a Christian Life can be contagious, many of my comments are quarantined as Troll comments. Since the Atheism Delusion is difficult to maintain, Atheists are very sensitive to opposing information (on Prayer days or any days). Not long ago, I would have been called a “pamphleteer.” Now, I’m called a “spammer.” If I’m not right about the information I’m pushing, I must be a very nasty person; and I should hide my bloody sword.

    Best Regards,

    Frank Hatch
    Initial Mass Displacements

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