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-Is Our Role in Libya a Moral Act?

by Dr. D ~ March 29th, 2011

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Our role in stopping Gadhafi in Libya is being presented to us as a ‘moral act’ in saving thousands of civilians. But is it really?

Fact is, Gadhafi had his military ready to attack everything that moved including men women and children in the rebel cities opposing him.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made a case for our military involvement as a humanitarian act for several weeks and finally seemed to have dragged President Obama into it. The President even joked that before we became involved that every time he picked up the phone it was Hillary calling him to take some action and save the day in Libya.

But is our action really a ‘moral act’ or are we merely choosing whom is to die? In this case Gadhafi’s military and his supporters as ‘collateral damage’ rather than the rebels.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is in London today making a case for this supposedly humanitarian effort. Meanwhile Pope Benedict is calling for a cease fire to protect all of the people of Libya.  According to Vatican for Religion News Service:

The pope’s words marked a shift from his statement a week earlier (March 20), when he urged "political and military leaders" to ensure Libyans’ "access to humanitarian relief," but notably stopped short of calling for an end to the United Nations-authorized attacks on Gadhafi.

In calling for a diplomatic solution on Sunday, Benedict said that "at times of greater tension it is even more essential … to support even the faintest sign of openness and of desire for reconciliation between the parties involved."

According to at least one theologian, Meghan Clark, an assistant professor at Saint Anselm College this is not a scenario that fits the traditional religious standards of a ‘Just War’:

Ultimately, the President did not give an answer to my pressing question — Why Libya? And not, Sudan? Ivory Coast? Bahrain?

also: …

I am confident that if you questioned each of the 15 moral theologians on this website, you would receive 15 different interpretations and readings of both the text and the intervention in Libya itself.

Response: President Obama says the USA couldn’t wait for mass graves in Libya yet we have observed thousands of deaths elsewhere without taking any actions. Many are asking today, exactly what is the moral responsibility of the USA in the case of Libya?

I continue to contend that it is a ‘no-win scenario’ for the USA and that neither side will thank us for our participation in the end. In fact the exact opposite will be the case.

As sympathetic as I am to innocent civilians in Libya, I believe that this is a situation that should have completely been left for others to help resolve.             *Top

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