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-Christians in Bangladesh Prevented from Celebrating Christmas

by Dr. D ~ December 29th, 2010

The luscious and green country side of the Kha...

                  (Khagrachari hill country via Wikipedia)

Christians of at least seven churches in the hill country of Khagrachari district in Bangladesh were prevented from holding services or even privately celebrating Christmas by the The United People’s Democratic Front (UPDF) regional political party.

The UPDF  demanded that Christian converts return to Buddhism and threatened even Buddhist village leaders to make sure that Christians did not celebrate Christmas in any way in their villages. According to Compass Direct who received the news from an indigenous Baptist pastor:

“They threatened the Christians, telling them not to celebrate Christmas in the village and not to do any other Christian activities. The UPDF members warned the Christians that if they celebrated Christmas, they would be in grave trouble. They warned the pastor not to take care of the congregation and ordered him to go back to his previous religion, Buddhism.”

Response: Persecution of Christians continues all around the world particularly in Muslim countries but also in some areas of India. Now this Buddhist national party is trying to eliminate Christians in Bangladesh. Preventing them from celebrating Christmas is just the latest. In the last year members of the UPDF have been instrumental in partially destroying village churches and then preventing their repair.             *Top of the Blog

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