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US Supreme Court Takes on Westboro Baptist Military Funeral Case

by Dr. D ~ October 6th, 2010

Picketing in Topeka, 2005
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The US Supreme court will hear arguments today (Wednesday 10/6/10) in the controversial case involving the so-called Westboro  Baptist Church and their protests at military funerals.

Westboro Church proudly boasts of having held more than 44,000 pickets at military funerals and other events.

I certainly sympathize with the Snyder family who brought the suit and had to face the vicious Westboro family pickets at their sons military funeral. For them this case isn’t about First Amendment rights but about harassment:

“I want them to stop doing this to our military men and women,”Albert Synder said on Fox and Friends, Tuesday morning. “I want the judges to hear that this case is not about free speech, it’s about targeted harassment.”

Response: It is unfortunate that this Westboro family of religious nuts have brought us to a situation and case where the limits of free speech and religious freedom in this country will be judged and tested.

It is really hard to know which side to be on here since the case could end up having untold effects upon all religious organizations. Nevertheless I am sympathetic with all of the families and friends that have had to endure harassment from the Westboro Baptist ‘Church’/Phelps family.

The fact that this crazy family does what they do in the name of God and claims to be a Christian church is beyond the pale. However the remedy might might end up being worse than the rabid disease.            *Top of the Blog

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1 Response to US Supreme Court Takes on Westboro Baptist Military Funeral Case


    Jesus said:
    “Let the dead bury the dead” – Matthew 8:22, Luke 9:60


    “The right of the people to bury their dead in accordance with their beliefs and traditions may not be infringed by individuals or by government authority.”


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