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-An Excuse to Regulate and Control Blogging?

by Dr. D ~ July 24th, 2010

Here’s a couple of CNN hosts discussing the possibility of regulating and controlling the Internet and particularly blogging.

Response: An over-the-top response to the ‘Sherrod incident’. Many in government and the MSM would love to control the Internet. It has become the ‘wild west’ when it comes to ‘free speech’ and an alternate source of news.

The Internet is rather inconvenient to liberal politicians who would like to control the news and have been rather successful when it comes to the major media which is so much of the time on the same page.

Let’s just say that these CNN folk are making a rather ‘self-serving’ response here. The Internet and blogging has become ‘a burr in their saddle’ and increasingly competitive while the MSM has been on a decided decline. Fewer and fewer people get their news from newspapers and TV. Folks are increasingly turning to the Internet and alternate media for their news as the MSM marches in liberal lockstep.

Usually it is the Main Stream Media that is caught in the midst of distorting and coloring a story with partial facts. A fact that is entirely ignored by these two boobs is that parts of the ‘new media’ began to question immediately whether the ‘Sherrod’ video had been edited and many concluded that it had and were asking for the original. Also, no one has ever called for greater regulation of the major media for their many mistakes –only for greater balance.          *Top of the Blog

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