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-UK: Muslim Leader Speaks out Against Attacks on Christians

by Dr. D ~ July 3rd, 2010

Here’s a Muslim leader speaking out in defense of Christians who seem to be under assault by creeping secularism everywhere in the UK.

Muslim Imam Taj Hargey wrote in a national newspaper about the virulent secularism which is targeting Christian believers:

“We do have an undercurrent of hostility towards religion and particularly to Christianity because Christianity is after all the major faith of this country.”

In respect to Islam, he points out that Muslims are allowed to wear hijabs while Christians have been persecuted lately in a number of different instances for wearing crosses in the health care industry. Also he professes that Muslims should respect Christianity in the UK and not try to impose Islamic sharia law:

“We should not be trying to impose our values system in this Christian heritage country. I myself as an Imam of an Islamic congregation, we don’t believe that Sharia law should come here.”

Meanwhile, he wonders where the Christian leaders and Bishops are and chides them for not better supporting their own community:

“I would expect church leaders, whether it’s the archbishop or bishops or lay ministers, to speak out more firmly about the fact that their faith and religion as a whole is being sidelined.”

Response: Truth and wisdom like this usually comes out of the mouth of babes. It is an unexpected pleasure that an Muslim Imam would speak out this way. He is putting the Christian leaders to shame.

While we are at it, where is the Archbishop of Canterbury and all of the UK bishops when you need them. One would think that they would be speaking out in support of Christianity and the believers in their country rather than being so ‘politically correct’ all of the time that they seem to have lost their own unique Christian witness and testimony.           *Top of the Blog

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