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-Life on the Run for a Christian Convert in Egypt

by Dr. D ~ May 25th, 2010

Sunset bethind the mosques in Islamic Cairo
(Image by future15pic via Flickr)

It is illegal for a Muslim to convert to Christianity in Egypt. Here’s a Compass Direct interview with Maher Ahmad El-Mo’otahssem Bellah El-Gohary who along with his daughter lives a life under constant threat, in hiding, and on the run in Egypt since he converted from Islam to Christianity.

As he was being interviewed, the Friday service from the Mosque across the street was blaring from its mineret loudspeakers a message from the local imam on how to treat Christians:

“Do not shake their hands. Do not go into their homes. Do not eat their food. …”

El-Gohary remarks:

“I hope one day to live in a place where there are no mosques. How many megaphones do they need?”

This is the story of a man who cannot work and is afraid to even go to church or shop at the neighborhood market. His daughter doesn’t go to school or have any friends and had acid thrown on her on one occasion. Since they abandoned Islam and converted to Christianity nearly two years ago El-Gohary has been beaten, forcibly detained, his daughter has been attacked and he has had to endure death threats, poverty, and isolation.

This is the existence of a Christian convert in Egypt and not at all unique. Read the complete disturbing story.           *Top

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