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-New York: 7th Grader Suspended for Wearing Cross and Rosary Beads

by Dr. D ~ May 24th, 2010

13 year old Raymond Hosier was suspended by Oneida middle School for the 2nd time on May 24. What were the violations that were serious enough to get Raymond in trouble? He was wearing a cross and rosary beads. Now the school may be facing a lawsuit if they continue baring the 7th grader from attending school wearing a religious necklace.

Response: Since when has the freedom of religion been suspended in this country—even for middle school students. What harm can be possibly claimed by the school officials if this 13 year old student is allowed to wear a cross and rosary beads? Sometimes school administrators are idiots and/or bullies. I am sure that a cursory inspection of the students at this school would result in finding numerous examples of apparel being worn that is far worse than religious necklaces.                *Top

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1 Response to -New York: 7th Grader Suspended for Wearing Cross and Rosary Beads

  1. Catholic Rosary Beads

    Good for the 13 year old for taking a stand and not being intimidated by his teachers! He should be able to wear the rosary beads or whatever other religious jewelry he wants to wear. I wonder if a Muslim student came to school in a burka they would suspend her? If one is wearing a religious medal, cross, rosary etc. they should be commended not suspended! God Bless this young man and I wish him well with his lawsuit and hope the school has to pay him a lot of money for the stress and aggravation they have cause him and his family!

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