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-California: Students Sent Home for Wearing American Flags on Cinco de Mayo

by Dr. D ~ May 6th, 2010

This story has gone viral. Five students were given the choice of changing their clothes or going home for wearing clothes featuring American Flags on Cinco de Mayo. This happened at Live oak High School in Morgan Hill California. The School principal and vice-principal were concerned that the Mexican-American students on their campus would be offended. The students were told that they could wear their American flag gear on any other day except Cinco de Mayo.

As it turns out, many Hispanic students were offended and walked out of their classes today in protest with some displaying Mexican flags. They demanded an apology and further action against the five students. 

Meanwhile the district officials said that they did not support the actions taken by the principal and opposed any further discipline for the five in question.

Response: I find this whole episode to be rather incredible. Cinco de Mayo is not an official holiday in this country, in fact it isn’t even in Mexico. How is it that students in an American high school get in trouble for displaying the American flag and the Mexican-American students who carry Mexican flags get a pass? It just doesn’t make any sense at all. Then the Hispanic students demand an apology and further action? You have got to be kidding!  The five who were sent home should get the apology.           *Top

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3 Responses to -California: Students Sent Home for Wearing American Flags on Cinco de Mayo

  1. sara

    Four boys were wearing American flag shirts on Cinco de Mayo, which is the Mexican independence day. Note- they use to not celebrate this day until this generation, because it was a sad day for spain. All four of the boys were asked to turn their shirts inside out, but the boys tried to argue on their perspective. Two of the boys were sent back to class, but two were sent home, because the American flag on their shirts were very visible. This is a democracy to American. The Mexican children from the high school stated that those four kids were disrespecting them,. but honestly the Mexican children are disrespecting us by saying that, and the principle is disrespecting our nation! How is it disrespect to Mexicans when this is America and our flag represents freedom. Didn’t they come to our nation wanting to better “their” lives, so why is it so wrong for us to represent our country? If we were in Mexico and went to their high school on fourth of July, a Mexican child were a Mexican flag t-shirt on our day, but would it be the same? Would it disrespect us??? No, it would not, because that is their country. This is expose to be a free country, but the principal and whoever else is trying to take that away from us. We should be able to be proud to where something representing America any day of the year, because America is probably the best country of the world or why would so many others want to live here so bad? So why is it wrong?? How is it disrespect. That day is not just their day, it is everybody’s day. The American flag should be represented everywhere, because it refers to this land of the free and where people have an opportunity to have a better life, and if the Mexican children have such a big problem with it then they should go back home, because this is America and it is expose to be land of the free. Some people state that it would cause fights, but that is not right, because the children wanting to fight over us representing the country they so called “love”, then they need to be kicked out of school and get their priorities straight! It has nothing to do with the fact that the boys was wearing a shirt to represent America, but because people have racism and hatred in their hearts. I seen the boys on the Fox channel news and they did not look like they wanted to offend anyone, but to represent the country of good, and even if they did do it out of hate then those Mexican children should just be thankful that they are here to better their lives in stead of fight about things that do not matter. Do not make a democracy out of the United States of America! Help fight and blog and vote at Foxnews.com. This is wrong and we need to fight for our country and be heard, because I thought their would never be the day that they took away the freedom to wear and represent our country on any day of the year! This is America! What do you all think? Agree or disagree?

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