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-California Assembly Outlaws Cussing for a Week?

by Dr. D ~ February 27th, 2010

California State Capitol
(Calif. Capitol by jglazer75 via Flickr)

The California Assembly passed a resolution supporting a ‘Cuss Free Week’ during the first week of March.

The lawmakers voted to outlaw four-letter words and a few choice compound phrases (like: WT (bleep)?). The goal is to achieve greater civility in the state.

Response: The lawmakers should be calling for a week of prayer in the state since we don’t seem to have one. Course that would be ‘politically incorrect’.

Meanwhile the state has huge unsolvable deficits, the highest taxes of any state, and also among the highest unemployment. We also have shut down one of the worlds greatest agricultural areas on purpose to save a smelt that numbers in the billions.

The major politicians in this state can’t agree on anything to help the situation except to outlaw ‘cussing’—that they can agree on? Well I have a few choice words for that development but they’ve been outlawed and after all this is suppose to be a ‘family friendly’ Christian blog.           *Top

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