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-Calls for One Child and One World Government

by Dr. D ~ December 12th, 2009

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In the name of climate change one of Canada’s major news outlets is calling for a one child policy similar to what despotic China has in place to be imposed by some kind of One World government.

The calls for one world government seem to be coming in from all over the World but the perceptions of what that government would be like are quite diverse.

The ultimate answer to the worlds problems according to this article could all be solved by reducing the world population by adapting China’s ‘one-child’ policy and enforcing it world wide.

Response: Is it really that simple? I can remember reading one book after another in the 60’s and 70’s predicting severe conditions and the end of the world as we knew it by 1980 or at the most 1990. The ‘population bomb’ was going to do us all in and we would end up eating our dead like in the 70’s movie Soylent Green.

The answer proposed to solve the world’s problems was always some kind of world government controlled by really smart folks. Communism at the time offered to take on that role but most saw through that guise.

Then technology kicked in and we learned how to grow more crops on less land and feed the world. Forty years later those who are starving today are in countries that are in the middle of some kind of war or political conflict.

Now we have intellectuals once more all over the Western world calling for some sort of one World planetary government to save us all from a coming ‘global warming’ disaster. One of the first statements made by the new President of the EU was to call for a new World government. This also seems to be the answer coming out of the Copenhagen Climate Conference—that some kind of global control is needed.

Meanwhile in the Middle East, Iran is looking for the 12th Imam to return and rule the world and force everyone to become Muslim, while Turkey seems intent on rebuilding their lost empire and Caliphate through putting together some kind of Middle Eastern Union similar to the EU.

Do these smart intellectual folks, who live in freedom in the West, really understand the potential in what they propose for some kind of a despotic dictator to rise up and control everything and even possibly do away their comfortable PC secular lifestyle?

The most lethal potential combo that I see on the horizon would be for some kind of Muslim leader to come forth and make peace with Israel, allow them to rebuild their temple, and solve the Middle East mess. Anyone who could do that would naturally be promoted as the perfect world leader by all of these supposedly smart intellectuals in Europe and America.

However if that does happen, look for a major confrontation after 3 1/2 years of world peace and plenty. Also look for the establishment of one world religion to end all the religious conflict. You can read all about it in Revelation 4-22.

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