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-UK: Trial Begins for Christian Couple Who Criticized Islam

by Dr. D ~ December 8th, 2009

image The trial begins today for the Christian couple who were arrested after a female Muslim guest at their hotel complained that she was offended by negative comments that they had made about Islam.

The incident started as a friendly religious discussion over breakfast between Ben and Sharon Vogelenzang, who run the Bounty House Hotel in Liverpool, and a Muslim guest who had been staying at their hotel for 4 weeks. On her final morning before leaving, she came down for breakfast wearing a hijab for the first time which seemed to start the conversation rolling.

Later the unnamed woman complained to the police that the couple has insulted her and Islam saying that her Muslim dress was a form of bondage and that Mohammad was nothing more than a war Lord. Meanwhile the couple claimed that they were merely defending their Christian faith-that they had a discussion with the woman on whether Jesus was the Son of God or merely a minor prophet of Islam.

Later the Vogelenzangs were charged by the police for using ‘threatening, abusive or insulting words’ which were ‘ religiously aggravated’. They were charged under a provision in the Public Order Act 1986 which was designed to control the inciting of public disorder in the streets.

Response: It is incredible that private religious discussion, debate, and /or dispute could result in arrests and possible conviction for anyone in the UK which is supposed to have freedom of religion and speech.

It is particularly hard to accept when there is one Muslim march and demonstration after another all over Britain with the participants making all sort of outrageous statements verbally or on signs yet the police rightfully allow it all. But one private alleged slight against Islam and it becomes a major case?  One would expect this in the Middle East but in the UK it really not only unexpected but chilling.

One can only hope that justice and freedom will prevail in this case and soon.            *Top

UPDATE: During the first day of the trail, the Muslim convert, 60 year old Ericka Tazi told the magistrates that Vogelenzang’s went into a tirade against Islam and insulted her when they asked if she was a ‘terrorist’. The hotel owners deny making threatening remarks to the guest and did not mean to be offensive or insulting.

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