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-Obama’s War against Rush, Fox, and the Chamber of Commerce but NOT Terrorism, The Taliban, or even ‘tough love’ with Iran

by Dr. D ~ October 26th, 2009

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Image by jmtimages via Flickr

President Obama and his administration has declared war against all who disagree with their policies. The opening salvos of this domestic war have been fired against Rush Limbaugh, Fox News, and the US Chamber of Commerce. A number of administration officials have taken their best shots in this war and yet all of the recipients are still standing. Fortunately the Constitution is still in place protecting free speech and free press.

Meanwhile many of his fellow Democrats are concerned that President Obama may be ‘lowering’ himself in the process. In the past, most Presidents have tried to stay above the fray and have unleashed their VP’s for these type of political conflicts, but this President has opted to become personally involved. Results: President Obama’s popularity numbers are now below 50% in some of the recent polls.

Meanwhile in the midst of domestic political battle, the War in Afghanistan is dialing up, terrorism is on the increase everywhere, and Iran continues to work on their nuclear program bringing with it the specter of future apocalyptic conflict on the horizon.

At the beginning of his Presidency Barack Obama ordered his administration to cease all of the talk about a ‘War on Terror’ and to treat all incidents of terror as isolated criminal activity—thus ending the Bush administration policies that recognized and opposed Muslim ‘Jihadi’ aggression where ever it may be found. Results: nearly every week a new terrorist plot is uncovered somewhere so the ‘war’ continues whether the Obama Administration wants to recognize it or not.

A couple of month ago the Generals in Afghanistan asked for more troops but Pres. Obama continues to sit on the requisition. Meanwhile, folks in the administration are telegraphing to the Taliban that we would rather quit the fight and allow them to become part of the Afghan government. Showing a real ignorance of who the Taliban is and what their goals really are. Results: The Taliban are encouraged and the fight has actually escalated.

On another important front the Obama administration is going out of its way to negotiate with Iran trying to defuse an on-going crisis over nuclear energy and weapons. A crisis that could erupt into a major conflict in the Middle East with Israel and Iran at the center of it all. The Obama administration continues to be rebuffed and humiliated by the Iranian Mullahs in many different ways and yet the President insists on diplomacy with a country that is basically playing ‘rope a dope’ with the international community while their scientists complete their development of nuclear weapons.

Those who are knowledgable about the Iranian religious leaders are quite candid in saying that diplomacy will not work with these religious apocalypticaly driven nuts. Nevertheless Obama is being patient with them and signaling a policy of peace at any cost. Results: Iran continues to develop their nuclear weapons and Israel continues to prepare to take them out—an increasing possibility for major conflict on the horizon and Obama is effectively doing nothing about it.

Conclusion: President Obama’s preoccupation with his domestic agenda is placing the country in a dangerous position on a number of different fronts.

1. The Bush administration keep this country safe, now that some of the anti-terror policies have been rescinded by President Obama, sooner or later we can expect to suffer though another major Jihadi terrorist event in this country. I sincerely hope that I’m wrong.

2. According to the experts, Afghanistan is still ‘winnable’ but the window is quickly closing. The President’s stubborn refusal to follow the advise of his military leaders could give the Taliban the momentum that they need to win instead. The results would be another ‘Vietnam’—a war that we could have won but lost because of political agenda.

3. Iran is developing nuclear weapons. The President and ‘The Left’ would like to pretend that it is all about nuclear energy and continue to negotiate on that basis. If any of the administration or diplomatic corps took some time and read what the Mullah’s and Ayatollah’s actually said and taught in their recent conference about the coming of the 12th Imam and World conflict they could easily read between the lines and understand that this regime is serious about developing the bomb and eventually using it—particularly against Israel and the USA.            *Top

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