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-Passed: California Bill to Indoctrinate Students on Stem-Cell Research?

by Dr. D ~ October 17th, 2009

Cropped image of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has signed into law SB 471. The bill authorizes a curriculum to be developed by the California Dept. of Education to support the embryonic stem-cell research efforts in the state. The material is to be available to K-12 teachers and students through K-12 High Speed (school internet) Network and eventually to become part of the science curriculum in the California schools. The bill also calls for additional science classes on stem-cell research to be offered in the University system.

Randy Thomasson of SaveCalifornia.com believes that the curricula developed in response to this bill will end up being nothing short of pro-embryonic stem-cell indoctrination:

"Schwarzenegger has signed a bill that is teaching school children the lie that embryonic stem-cell research heals people, when it doesn’t; [and] that it doesn’t harm people and it doesn’t kill [them], when it does….[I]t destroys human embryos."

"All the trials have shown that human embryonic stem cells cause tumors and cancer in patients and tissue rejection." "Where’s the real success? It’s in adult and cord blood stem cells. Over 73 effective treatments, and that’s the direction to go."

Response: This seems to be another case where parental rights could be disregarded.

If the curricula only supports the virtues of ‘embryonic’ stem research while disregarding the failures and also ignoring the successes in ‘adult’ stem cell research then it will surely be an exercise in heavy handed government indoctrination and propaganda.

Hopefully pro-life parents will be able to op their K-12 school children out of any one-sided teaching of this nature.

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