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-Iran’s Response to UN Critics: War Games and Missile launches

by Dr. D ~ September 28th, 2009

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

(Image by azrainman via Flickr)

Iran reported today that they have test-fired their most advance missile and it was successful. This comes on the heals of all the UN criticism that they received last week concerning their Nuclear weapons development program. The missile test is in addition to a full-out mobilization of troops engaged in military ‘war game’ exercises to practice "preventive and defensive operations."

According to reports, the missiles are believed to be capable of striking Israel, US military targets in the Middle East, and parts of southeastern Europe.

Response: Instead of merely rattling swords the Iranians shoot missiles instead ? This really should be seen as a not-so-veiled threat against anyone who might oppose them. Rather than calming down the situation this is like pouring gas on a fire. The Iranians are saying here—’in your face’ we are going to have our nuclear weapons and there is nothing you can do to stop it!

What do all of the apologists for the Iranian regime have to say now? Boys will be boys? Does anyone still thing that their motives are completely peaceful in the midst of a demonstration like this? Yep-sure looks like peace to me. Is Pres. Obama really paying attention or is he worried about his next TV appearance? You can bet that the Israeli’s are watching.

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