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-Palestine: Muslims Vandalize Christian Graves

by Dr. D ~ May 26th, 2009

(Image by Getty Images via Daylife)

This week in Jisna, 70 Christian grave sites were vandalized, with the crosses on top of the graves found smashed. The predominate Christian village in the West bank is continually under assault by Muslims. The Palestinian Authority does not protect the Christian minority which is increasingly finding itself under full persecution by their Muslim neighbors.

According to this article, things are even worse for the 3,000 or so Christians in Gaza. Much is made of the conflict between the Muslims and the Jews in Israel, but little is said about the Arab Christians who say that they suffer from persecution from both sides, but particularly from the Muslims lately.

Response: This is the ultimate cultural battle. Israel and Palestine is a battle ground between the Jews and the Arabs. But worse of all, in the birth place and home country of our Lord, Palestinian Christians are persecuted for their culture and religion.  While we pray for Jerusalem and Israel, we should always remember to pray for our Arab brothers and sister in Christ.

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