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-Some Common Sense from The IRS on Pastors and Political Involvement

by Dr. D ~ May 17th, 2009

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(IRS building via Wikipedia)

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) ruled this week that a group of Pastors who gathered for a series of public policy conferences in 2006’s election season did not break any ‘non-profit’ rules.

The Texas Freedom Network, a liberal group that fights against church-state connections, had filed the complaint about a specific 2006 conference sponsored by the Houston-based nonprofit Niemoller Foundation, alleging that the event was a masked effort to get pastors to endorse a particular candidate.

The IRS ruled that the conference was issue oriented and that pastors and ministers are free to support moral issues–that pastors are free to become politically active "on behalf of moral values”—and encourage their congregations to do likewise.

Response: This is a particularly important ruling in the face of the current battle over traditional marriage. This does free up pastors and congregations to be involved politically in the marriage issue and other moral issues without the threat of losing their non-profit status.        *Top

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