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-The Battle for Marriage—Two Encouraging Developments

by Dr. D ~ May 14th, 2009

A week ago the battle for traditional marriage seemed to be nearly hopeless with Maine approving same-sex marriage and also with the Washington DC Council voting for it–all of the North Eastern part of the country seemed to be a fait accompli for gay agenda. 

image However there are two important developments that the main stream media neglected to report on that are encouraging for the traditional marriage side regardless of how the issue is finally resolved.

First, in Washington DC, Dr. Harry R. Jackson (pictured) rallied more than 100 DC area pastors to demonstrate their support for traditional Marriage and their opposition to the gay agenda. Significantly, the pastors represented a large variety of denominations and many were from Black churches.

image Second, Hispanic pastors in New York are being mobilizing by Pastor Rubén Díaz (pictured) to oppose a gay marriage bill that passed in the state Assembly Tuesday night. Diaz is not only a Pentecostal pastor in the Bronx but also a Democratic New York State Senator.

Pastor Diaz is going to lead tens of thousands of Christians on Sunday afternoon to gather outside Gov. David Patterson’s Manhattan offices to protest the governors actions towards bringing same-sex marriage to New York state.

Response: These two developments are very encouraging! It is really helpful for the cause that both of these leaders are not only influential Christian pastors but also ‘men of color’. It will be for more difficult for the media to dismiss and cast these men and their followers as ‘bigots’. Plus, Pastor Diaz also has considerable political pull in the state and in the New York senate which is said to have enough votes in place to block same-sex marriage.

Maybe the entire North East won’t be in the gay marriage column after all—at least New York seems to be a probable holdout for traditional marriage. Thanks to the diligence and work of these Christian pastors.          *Top

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