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-Britain: Erasing the Trappings of Christianity

by Dr. D ~ May 9th, 2009

image UK: The Privy Council ruled in favor of non-Christians from Trinidad and Tobago saying that the Trinity Cross of the Order of Trinity was unconstitutional because of its associations with Christianity. The award for distinguished service and bravery will now be withdraw.

Five British law lords of the Privy Council ruled that the: “The right to equality and freedom of conscience and belief was breached by the Trinity Cross”. In the Privy Council judgment Lord Hope of Craighead said that the Trinity Cross was:

“perceived by Hindus and Muslims living in Trinidad and Tobago as an overtly Christian symbol both in name and in substance”.

The Cabinet Office, which controls honors in Britain responded through a spokesman saying:

“We have noted the judgment and are monitoring the situation.”

A parliamentary review of all the British honors has now been recommended with new titles that have no reference to Christian saints or symbols. The Victoria Cross and George Cross is probably next to fall.

Response: The pretense of Britain being a Christian nation is all but gone, now even the trappings of old Christianity are being removed as not to offend Muslims in particular. This is just the beginning or the latest in the remaking of the UK.

The Church of England which receives considerable support from the British government is squarely in the sights of change. This why the clergy in that venerable denomination bend over backwards not to convert or offend Muslims. Only about 2% ever attend the Anglican churches and many are being closed or used for other purposes like schools and post offices.

All is not lost for Christianity in the country, the independent churches are growing at a phenomenal rate in the UK.

It does remind one though, the Russian Communists after their revolution turned most of the churches into museums or factories by design. The British are following suit in a slow moving revolution from a Christian nation to a secular one. The real concern from my perspective is not that Britain will become secular, but that it will increasingly become Muslim instead.           *Top

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