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-Washington DC Recognizes Gay Marriages

by Dr. D ~ May 5th, 2009

image May 5, 2009 — In a 12-1 vote, the District of Columbia City Council today passed a bill that would recognize same-sex marriages performed elsewhere in the U.S.

Bishop Harry Jackson mobilized roughly 100 district pastors to rally against the bill to no avail. Dr.Jackson observed:

"Never before have the most privileged in a city so repressed the wishes of a … fluent majority. The democratic process works best when the people’s wishes are honored and due process is observed. In the name of civil rights reform, the Council has abridged the civil rights of the masses."

There is a real danger that this could end up overturning the Defense of marriage Act (DOMA) which now allows states to disregard same-sex marriages performed in other jurisdictions. Congress has final say over the district’s laws and the bill could force a review of DOMA and gives the Democratic majority an excuse to rescind the Defense of Marriage Act removing a major block from complete national recognition of gay marriages.

Response: This is an incredible ‘back-door’ strategy to overturn DOMA. Lately everything is going right for the gay agenda and all wrong for those who would like to maintain traditional marriage. It really does feel like the whole thing is slipping away. It also seems like it no longer matters how the majority of Americans believe or vote on this issue.            *Top 

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