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-The Persecution and Jailing of a Cuban Pastor

by Dr. D ~ April 19th, 2009

(-Image by Getty Images via Daylife)

While President Obama is attempting to make friends with the Castros and loosening travel restrictions and family contributions to Cuba, It is business as usual in the Marxist country.

Christian Pastor Omar Gude Perez stands accused of “counter-revolutionary conduct and attitudes” and has been in prison without trial for nearly a year. The charges were originally thrown out by a local court because there was no real evidence to support them. Nevertheless, the Pastor is still in Jail.

Pastor Perez is the leader of a fast growing Christian movement–Apostolic Reformation. many believe that the charges stem from his denomination’s withdrawal from the Cuban Council of Churches—and thus from government control–last year.

Meanwhile, a number of different Christian rights groups observe that reports of persecution and religious liberty violations have actually been on the increase since Raul Castro came to power in early 2008.

Response: A great time for Obama and the USA to loosen up on the restrictions. How about calling for greater civil liberties in Cuba first?            *Top 

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  1. -The Persecution and Jailing of a Cuban Pastor

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